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​The Minstrel's Cardinel law

If you watch one, you must watch them all!

​You cannot and will not watch one movie out of a series,
​Whether it is a remake, a sequel,  or a prequel.

​Crossovers or versus, will require viewing of both series

​It Is also a good time to view the obligatory parodies


You Are What We Eat Week! 

A Child's Time To Play Week!

November 18 -- November 24

December 9 -- December 15

Thanksgiving is here, and as we prepare to gorge ourselves, it’s important to give thanks for everything that is important in life.  We give thanks for friends and family.  We are thankful that they have done well in life, well enough to be able to buy food, and well enough to find time to sit around and watch TV!  We are also grateful that they don’t have the resolve to get into shape, but mostly we are grateful that they have given themselves to be a part of feast we are preparing for this holiday.
We are thankful for Sean for his succulent liver.  We’re thankful for John for providing us with a wonderful rack of ribs.  Without Jennifer we wouldn’t have the wonderful deep fried thighs!  What feast would be complete without some breaded fingers for the kiddies?  We’ve got Debbie to thank for those!  We should give thanks to everyone that provided something for our delicious meal that we are going to partake in! 
We’re also going to thank Hannibal Lector as inspiration, and provider for the entertainment this holiday!  Without his guidance we’d be stuck with Turkey or ham, and all the traditional, and boring things that accompany them.
You know what they say, "You are what you eat", and this week we aim to prove just that!